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Amanda Alejandro

Founder & Principal Team Lead

Amanda is a customer focused aggressive innovator. As the Founder and now owner of The Realty-Shop STL, for over 11 years she has been leading the mission offering the most effective technologically and philosophically advanced real estate teams and now company. When asked what makes her team and company different, simply put Amanda says, “I wanted and had to design a company unlike anything in this marketplace. As a customer myself, real estate as a whole needs to change and how we treat our customers has to as well. We not only must be communication focused first, but our company is a place for our clients to have the customized relationship they deserve!” The Realty Shop was designed with the customer in mind — not the company’s bottom line!

With that being said, what Amanda is most proud of is her team of exclusively selected and highly trained professionals, and the collaborative commitment everyone has to taking delicate care of The Realty Shops customers. Rest assured that their advanced technologies and innovative market approach are merely one way of delivering on what they do so well…. Everything they do is always for the sake of the customer and helping them accomplish their goals and more!


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Amanda Alejandro
Founder & Owner

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