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Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been through the process before, buying a house can be a never-ending treasure trove of “I didn’t know that’s.” That’s where The Realty Shop steps in! Our team of experts is here to help you navigate the local market, qualifying for the best mortgage, unpredictable interest rates, negotiating to get the home of your dreams, and so much more.


Our clients are our #1 priority. We know that today's customer expects what they want, when they want it, and we provide the highest quality service that stands out above the rest.

Our team both utilizes and develops the latest technology to help find the right home, in the right neighborhood, at the right price.

The Realty Shop is an industry-leading TEAM that truly works together to support our clients, from award winning agents, and sales marketing experts to our dedicated transaction coordinator.

If we make a promise, we stand by our commitment to our brand and our clients. We are committed to providing expert service during AND after every step of the buying process.

The Home Buying Process


Loan approval / Funding is the first step in beginning your home search. This approval places the buying power in your hands! If you are unsure of where to start, our preferred vendors are here to provide you quality service and trust.


This required form allows The Realty Shop to utilize our resources, tools, and experience to partner with you on your home buying experience. With this document, we become your advocate, support, and advisor through your home buying experience. 


Through our advanced technology, resources, tools, and expanded network of reach we will work with you to identify areas and homes that align with your price point and home priorities. Through our portal you will be able to search properties and identify your top selections.



During this stage you will be able to view homes identified through your Advanced Property Search! Your Realty Shop Team will be there to answer questions, consider resale value, address current home value, provide comparative sales data and be your on-hand home expert.


Once we have identified your new home, DON’T WAIT! This process can happen quickly as homes are limited in our current market. Your Realty Shop team will be here to assist you through this process to ensure we are advocating on your behalf to secure your home at the right price and condition.


In addition to our team of Agents and Management, you will be provided with the support of our seasoned Transaction Coordinator (TC). With your Agent, Team Management, and TC support we will work to ensure a smooth, successful closing to secure your new home.



Things to Consider Before Buying

BUDGET: Consider all aspects of your home purchase when outlining your budget:

  • Down Payment

  • Earnest Deposit

  • Home Inspection

  • Survey Cost

  • HOA Costs

  • Insurance

  • Home Repairs

  • Remodeling

  • Home Warranty Cost

  • Title Fees


WISH LIST vs MUSTS: We will provide you with a “Buyers’ Wish List” that will help to identify key elements for your new home. Consider the following:

  •  Home Style

  • Age of Home

  • Layout Preference

  • Finished Basement

  • Acreage

  • Bed / Bath Count

  • School District

  • Yard Needs / Restrictions (Pool, Fence, etc)

  • Zip Codes of Consideration

  • Fire Place

  • Home Search Range

  • and more!


Are You Pre-Approved?

With so many options to choose from, finding the right loan can be challenging to navigate. The Realty Shop partners with select, carefully vetted lenders to get you approved for the best loan to suit your needs, including HUD / FHA / USDA, Conventional, VA Loans, 203k Rehab, Non-Conforming, and Down Payment Assistance (to those who qualify). On average, the national approval rate is only 88.2%, while The Realty Shop boasts a 97% rate! Worried about your credit score? Everyone has a different credit snapshot. Our partners offer credit repair options to provide the support you need to get you closer to your home owning dream.

What’s Next?

Congrats! Once you’ve been pre-approved, its time to start the fun! Just make sure to follow The 10 (Loan) Commandments to avoid any unfortunate mishaps that could delay or make you miss out on the purchase of your new home.


The 10 (Loan) Commandments


  1. Change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job

  2. Buy a car, truck or van

  3. Use charge cards excessively or let your accounts fall behind

  4. Spend money you have set aside for closing

  5. Omit debts or liabilities from your loan application

  6. Buy furniture with cash or credit unless lender approves

  7. Originate inquiries into your credit

  8. Make large deposits without first checking with your lender

  9. Change bank accounts

  10. Co-Sign a loan for anyone


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